Open Humans: Share Your Data with New Studies!

By Madeleine Ball and Hope Kroog

Have you entered the world of citizen science by signing up for the American Gut Project? We hope you’ve found this to be a fulfilling experience! Are you perhaps interested in other citizen science projects – to learn more about yourself, contribute to science, or both?

We’ve teamed up with Open Humans so you can share your American Gut data and contribute to new studies. Open Humans is a non-profit platform that enables its members to aggregate data and share that data with new projects.

When data is re-used and built upon, there are exciting opportunities for scientific discovery. You can help make this happen.

Sign up is quick, free, and easy:

  1. Go to our Open Humans connection page:
  2. Click “Export data to Open Humans”.
  3. Create an Open Humans account.
  4. Complete authorization for data sharing. Your data is private by default.
  5. Once you’ve joined Open Humans, you can find new projects to contribute to on their Activities page:

The site also allows you to share other types of data – for example, genetic data from 23andMe or activity data from your FitBit. There’s already one study on Open Humans that is studying the relationship between microbiome data and behavior, and other studies on the site invite members to contribute genetic or activity data. By joining Open Humans, you’ll be able to contribute to these studies, receive news about studies and other updates through their newsletters and blog posts, and get in touch with other Open Humans members on their forums.

Open Humans looks forward to connecting more studies in the future, and data like yours will draw the attention of researchers. In fact, we’re currently at work on a new study building on microbiome data using the Open Humans platform. We’ll tell you more about this in coming months-so stay tuned!

In the meantime, have a great summer and check out Open Humans!


Madeleine is co-founder of the Open Humans platform and Director of Research at its parent nonprofit, Follow Madeleine @madprime on Twitter! Hope is Open Humans’ Community Outreach Coordinator and Resident Layperson.