Embriette Hyde

Project Manager


Embriette joined the Knight lab as a post-doc in May 2014 upon completing her PhD thesis entitled “The Human Microbiome in Health, Disease, and Death.” After a short post-doc in which she focused on the environmental microbiome and how closed environments may negatively impact health, she took on the roll of American Gut Project manager in August 2015. For more information about collaborations, sponsorships, consumables, volunteering with the project, or related topics, please email Embriette.

Katie Messing


Brent Erickson

Admin Assistants

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Brent came to the Knight lab at UCSD and the American Gut Project as an administrative assistant in March 2016, and Katie joined the Knight Lab as an administrative assistant in October, 2016 after graduating from UCSD. She is thrilled to be working closely on the American Gut project and is excited about the endless potential for discovery in the field, particularly in how these findings can promote change for underserved and at-risk communities. Both Katie and Brent have been working on the American Gut help account and operations with the rest of the AGP team and can answer any questions about your kit, how to collect your sample, how to log your sample details, or the status of your sample.

Justine Debelius

Research Scientist

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Justine joined the Knight Lab and American Gut project as a graduate student. She received her PhD in 2015. Her research has focused on the way lifestyle and inflammation shape the microbiome, including leading the analysis of the American Gut data. For more information about the analysis pipeline, techniques, American Gut GitHub repository or questions about meta-analysis with the American Gut dataset, please email Justine.